Anthem Third Generation MRX Series High-End Multi-Channel A/V Receivers with Dolby Atmos.




Anthem’s MRX 1120 – Performance Collection

Anthem’s latest offering of high-end AV receivers delivers the promise others don’t.  The award winning lineup of MRX series A/V Receivers all provide excellent sound quality with ease of use while efficiently managing power the whole time through.

Here are a few words that came to mind the first time we previewed Anthem’s third generation of the MRX line of AV receivers…Quality, Simplicity, Sexy, Loaded and Solid.  That was when we were taking it out of the box.

Then we plugged one in and lit it up.  WOW, what an experience.  But we never expected anything less because all four models of the Gen 3 MRX feature (ARC) Anthem Room Correction & (ALM) Advanced ad Monitoring technology, 4K Pass-Through with fast HDMI switching.  All provide support for ARC, dts Play-Fi, dts X ready, DOLBY ATMOS and 24-bit/192 kHz compatibility.

Check out this great 3 minute video on DOLBY ATMOS from guy that knows a thing or two big picture sound.

Now, from here we can toss stats and features at you all day long but you really need to hear it and feel it to believe it.  So come down and visit our beautiful showroom and have your ears test drive a Gen 3 MRX featuring the 3rd dimension in sound processing by DOLBY ATMOS .

The hair standing on the back of your neck will be glad you did!