5 Must-Haves for Your Home Entertainment System


A home entertainment system is more than just a place to watch movies or the big game. A true home entertainment system is a premier audio and video experience. You know you need a TV and you know you’ll want some speakers, but what else do you need to add to make your living room a true home theater? Here are a few tips to make the difference.

Soundproof Your Home Theater

In order to get a truly immersive audio experience out of your home theater, you need more than just a great sound system. Installing sound dampening materials to your walls and even ceiling can help keep all those booming sounds inside the room just for you.

Stadium Seating

The only way to properly enjoy your home theater system is in a state of complete comfort that can only be had via authentic stadium seating. Those plush, cozy seats that you’ll find at the local cinema are just as comfortable in your living room and can really add to the overall enjoyment of your system.


A dimmer for your room is recommended for a proper theater simulation. As far as lighting goes, it’s the tiny flourishes that make all the difference. Consider adding step lights with your stadium seating for a bit of added flare.


This one is more of a matter of personal taste than anything. Do you deck out your home theater with vintage film posters or go for a more minimalistic look? Whatever route you take, the decor will set the tone for the rest of the room, so keep that in mind.


Everyone loves snacking while watching something. You can go the more traditional route these days and go for a mini-fridge or something along those lines, or you can go for something more exciting. A vintage popcorn machine or even a soda fountain or beers on tap.

These are just a few fun ideas to spruce up your home theater system. Our team at Premier Home Entertainment are audio and video experts and would love to help you turn your dream home theater into a reality. If you need assistance getting turning your living room into a premier audiovisual experience, be sure to give us a call at (702) 877-0222.