05/20/2014 Paul Helvin

I read an interesting article in this months “The Absolute Sound”, it’s topic discussing the stigma of the word “Audiophile”.

I have always taken pride in calling myself an Audiophile, I believe for each person this particular word has its own meaning.

For some it means a passion for music, for others it is the knowledge of cross over frequencies and bit rates, and yet for others it is the joy of getting a new piece of  equipment and reading its reviews.

For me I think is a culmination of this and more. I spend hours reading up on what’s new and receiving praise in the latest AV Mags. I see myself owning a piece of equipment I lust for, and cherishing it (until the next upgrade of course) like one would a new car purchase. I scour websites for the latest high rez download, LP, or SACD that will bring me hours of listening pleasure. I am a firm believer of “Audio Tweeks” like isolation cones and power cord upgrades. And I sit and analyze every song that is played on said equipment, towing in speakers and listening for the changes my new interconnects and speaker wire made.

But at the end of the day, as I sit in my listening position hearing and seeing what my efforts have cobbled together through money, time, experience, and love.

If at that time I find myself smiling ear to ear, with tears in my eyes, as the music  softly whispers in an emotional connection with my soul.

Then and only then, I realize why I call myself and want to be an “Audiophile”.
A special thanks to Premiere Home Entertainment for letting me live my dream in Audiophile Nirvana.
Warm regards,
Paul Helvin,

Audio/Video Specialist