Bring the Movie Theater Experience Home: Tips for Enhancing Your Home Theater Surround Sound System


We have to agree that there is a certain magic about the movie theater experience. Something about sitting in a dark theater and waiting for the moving images to be projected on a massive screen has captivated audiences for decades. It is the indescribable sensation that keep people of all ages flocking to the movie theaters all year round. Whatever the reasons may be, we are certain of one thing; people want to recreate the unique experience in their homes.

One of the integral parts of creating that cinematic experience is the aural experience. The immersive sensation of being surrounded by high-fidelity speakers in a movie theater helps bring the on-screen actions to life. Over the years, surround sound technology has improved dramatically to deliver a more satisfying aural experience to moviegoers. For example, Dolby Atmos is the latest surround sound technology that offers a 3D aural spatial experience in movie and home theaters.

Thus, proper setting of a high-quality surround sound system is crucial to recreating the movie theater experience. Just follow these useful tips to maximize the performance of your surround sound systems:

Use premium and high-quality cables and interconnects:

Standard cables that come with the surround speaker systems are basic cables that will not give you the best performance. Upgrade to premium cables such as digital and pro audio cables that offer higher audio quality and provide the essential encoding information to allow your A/V receiver to produce the correct surround sound output. For example, Cardas cables are one of the leading premium cable manufacturers in the world.

Position correctly the center channel speaker, subwoofer and rear channel speakers:

Positioning of speakers of a surround sound system correctly is important to create a movie theater experience. Position the center channel speaker right above or below the TV and pointed towards your ears. When the speaker is away from the images, the dialog may look out of sync. The subwoofer should be placed close to one of the front channel speakers. With smaller speakers, you will be relying on the subwoofer for most of the bass. Lastly, the rear channel speakers should be placed slightly behind your head and slightly above ear-level, aiming towards the seating area.

Crank up the volume of the center channel speaker:

Surround sound systems that are not set properly can cause the soundtrack to overwhelm the dialog in movies. When the dialog is drowned out, the solution is to boost the center channel audio level relative to the front channel speakers.

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