Does Your Las Vegas Home Theater Still Need a Receiver?


Traditionally speaking, Las Vegas home theaters rely on an A/V receiver to process the audio and visual signals from the various devices in your system. In recent years, however, advances in technology have provided Las Vegas home theater owners with more control and processing power within the audio devices themselves. This begs the question: Are A/V receivers still a necessity for Las Vegas home theater’s in today’s constantly advancing world?

With today’s technology, soundbars themselves are packing a lot more power and can do much of the heavy lifting that used to require a designated A/V receiver. Recently, various manufacturers such as Samsung and SONOS have produced soundbars that are capable of providing the user with the processing power of a receiver but without the need for a separate receiver. The SONOS PlayBar, for example, is capable of streaming and optimizing audio from a variety of playback sources such as TVs, Blu-Ray players and video game consoles.

The most impressive part of it is that it can process 5.1 surround sound without the use of a receiver. What the SONOS PlayBar and similar devices do to help Las Vegas home theater owners is to bring “simplicity managing abundance” as said by SONOS product manager, Tom Cullen.

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