Easy Tips to Turn Your Family Room Into a Premiere Home Theater


While having a dedicated room to set aside as your premiere home theater is optimal, for most families, it just isn’t practical. What happens most often is that the family room becomes the default location for viewing, which is completely understandable. Family rooms make for a great space to watch films and TV shows due to the fact that seating and furniture are likely already set up with a large TV amongst them. Here are a few easy ways to help make your family room feel more like a home theater.

1) New Paint: Darker colors like a regal burgundy or rich, navy blue tend to work better in a home theater as light won’t reflect off of the walls as much.

2) Rearranged Furniture: The best thing to do to transform your family room into a premiere home theater is to rearrange the furniture so that the seating area is positioned in front of the TV.

3) Movie Lights: Most movie theaters incorporate sconces along the wall for pre-show lighting. Adding a few on the walls of your family room will immediately create the feeling of a premiere home theater right there in your living room. You can take this a step further by installing a dimmer to fade the lights out before the movie.

4) Accessorize: Adding some architectural details like decorative moldings and pillars or some nice, thick drapes is sure to evoke the feeling of a premiere home theater that you’re looking for.

5) Hidden Secrets: Stash away your audio and video components somewhere hidden for a sleek, cleaner looking premiere home theater. Stashing these away and swapping out your infrared remote for a radio frequency remote control will help create the movie magic you want.

These are just a few, easy ways to help transform your family room into more of a premiere home theater. For more assistance in creating your premiere home theater, be sure to contact our experienced team at Premiere Home Entertainment. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at (702) 877-0222.