Headphones, what are they good for?

05/20/2014 Paul Helvin


There seems to be 2 camps of people regarding headphones; those that love them, and those that hate them.

Headphones come in many shapes and sizes, as well as different technologies. They serve many functions, from losing yourself in some much needed “musical alone time”, to blocking out that crying baby on an airplane flight.

There are headphones that fit over the head, as well as ones that fit inside your ear. The latter are mainly used when taking on a physical activity such as a run on the treadmill, or talking to someone on your cell phone. They do however make designs such as these for the user that has an Audiophile listening experience in mind.
1-headphones_pic (1)

On or over the head headphones have a couple designs. One is called “open air” that gives the listener an impression that the music is in the room and not so closed in. The drawback to these designs is that people next to you, or even across the room, can hear them.

Another design in this category is called a “closed back” design. This is a sealed design that isolates the music from the environment around you. This design is useful on that plane flight I mentioned earlier. The drawback here is that the music is more closed in so you lose some of the “in the room” presentation you get with an open air design.

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