How to Choose the Perfect Soundbar Home Audio System


So you bought a brand-new big screen TV. You turn it on and the picture looks absolutely stunning. The colors are bright and vivid, but one thing doesn’t quite match up. The sound quality on your new TV doesn’t match the type of visual quality you’re getting. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t an uncommon problem as most new TV’s simply don’t have enough room inside these new, hyper-thin TV sets and audio isn’t usually the biggest concern.

Luckily, it’s a simple process to maximize the kind of audio quality you’re getting from your TV. There are a few different routes to take when looking into adding an audio system to your home theater experience, but one of the most common additions these days is a soundbar. Here a some things to look out for when you’re shopping for your new soundbar.

  • Measure: Granted, this is mostly important for aesthetic reasons, but you don’t want to end up with a soundbar that doesn’t fit where you want it to. This is especially important if your TV is inside some kind of enclosure that the soundbar will need to sit in as well.
  • Subwoofers: A subwoofer is necessary to generate the low-frequency effects that are commonly heard in movie scores today. Some soundbars come with a built-in subwoofer, but in the event it doesn’t, be sure to get one.
  • Surround Sound: Most soundbars that claim surround sound are actually utilizing a simulated surround sound. If you want true surround sound, you will need to get a speaker system to connect your soundbar, too.
  • Connectivity: This is becoming less of an issue these days, however, most soundbars come with a variety of different connectivity inputs and outputs ranging from HDMI and USB to even RCA. Be sure you know what your TV connectivity is like before you make your soundbar purchase.

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