Improving Your Home Audio in Las Vegas [Part 1]


The centerpiece of any home entertainment system is always the visual component. Whether it be a large, flat screen TV or a high-definition projector, these are the devices that people will instantly gravitate to. The real backbone of a home entertainment system, however, is the home audio systemthat’s in place. The home audio is what brings the “wow” factor to your setup and changes it from a big screen tv to a true home entertainment system.

One of the most overlooked aspects of a high quality, home audio experience is the setup of your room. With an improper setup, even the most expensive speakers can sound dull and fall flat while a proper setup can make the most average of speakers into a premiere sounding home audio experience. Sound leaving a speaker travels straight toward a listener, but it also bounces off of boundaries around the room, such as walls, windows, the floor, etc. These reflective sounds can be good or bad, depending on the sounds and the material of the objects they are bouncing off of.

Because of this, it is best advised that the home theater room not be too bare as it results in a home audio experience that isn’t optimal. The simple additions of drapes over windows, rugs over hardwood floors and bookcases along the side and back walls help to make your Las Vegas home audio experience far more impressive.

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