Is it Placebo or do I really hear and see a difference?

05/20/2014 Paul Helvin
placebo (1)

I often smile when I hear an individual (usually an engineer) say that speaker and video cables don’t make a

difference to one’s system.

Years ago when I was living in Pennsylvania, I was one of the first in the area to switch to HDTV. I remember

the cable installer bragging about how good there “standard” Component cables were, and that you didn’t need

anything else. I then proceeded to pull out a $210.00 2m cable from an audiophile brand I used at the time,

and told him to sit and watch the TV for a moment. After he soaked in all the new HD goodness that PBS was

airing, I switched the cable over from his to mine. The look on his face as he said “what did you do?” was

priceless. The colors are richer and the picture is less grainy, it looks 3 dimensional, etc… he went on.

Needless to say he was converted from that point on as to what a good cable could add to your AV system. As a

matter of fact I have kept speakers in my system I was going to let go of after I switched to better speaker

cables and interconnects. It wasn’t the speakers fault!

If you think what you are listening to or watching could use an upgrade, or you want to test this theory out

for yourself, come on into Premiere and let us lead you to the light. We have loaner cables available to take

home and try for free to find out for yourself what you are really seeing and hearing.

Till next time!

Paul Helvin
Audio/Video specialist