New 4K Projectors For Your Home Entertainment System


For those looking to recreate an authentic, cinematic experience in their home, a high-quality projector is often the best option. Projectors offer a high level of picture quality and a much larger display than can be found on even the largest of big screen television sets. These days, Sony looks to be ahead of the pack as they continue to specialize in bringing 4K projectors to more home entertainment systems than ever before.

Sony’s latest line of 4K projectors brings images to life like never before at four times the resolution as a standard 1080p high definition display. These projectors provide an astonishingly immersive home entertainment experience that rivals the picture quality of an authentic cinema.The Sony-exclusive Silicon X-tal reflective display (SXRD) ensures super-high resolution quality, even during the most action-packed scenes. Their Triluminos Display technology reproduces a far broader range of colors than standard televisions and even many projectors are capable of and their 4K quality retains its clarity at even the largest of sizes. The fact that many Sony 4K projectors come fully equipped with 1,500 lumens ensures that you will experience sensational picture quality in even well-lit rooms.

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