OPPO BDP 105D update

05/20/2014 Paul Helvin


Now that the OPPO BDP105D has been installed in my home set up for a little over a week, I will share an overview of the changes I have experienced during its “burn-in” time.

Initially, the OPPO sounded leaps and bounds better than my Panasonic Blu-ray player and Marantz CD player and I was quite impressed. OPPO says 300 hrs., reviewers say up to 500 hrs., for burn-in to run its course on this player.

As I settled in to my expectations of everything I’ve read about the BDP 105D, I noticed a bit of harshness in the highs and a restricted or “closed in” presentation to the overall sound.

I remained patient however, and logged the changes that occurred as I left the player on non-stop playing various formats, including the headphone amp for burn-in time as well.

80.5 hours: This was the first change I noticed in overall warmth of the sound. There was a palpable increase in Bass resolution and impact, as well as a softening of the upper most treble regions.
The sound though very good, still not was I was hoping for at a reference level.

136 hours: BOOM! Now things are coming together. I can feel the restriction on soundstage and imaging lifting as the speakers are now playing beyond their location. The OPPO is starting showing its true potential.
173 Hours:  Another “Sparkling improvement! The night before I felt like the highs still were not where they should be. A hash or brittle sound prevailed over an otherwise improved performance.
The next evening after work I sat down to the same recording and WOW!  The highs were silky smooth and the symbols had their sparkle I have come to listen for in a reference player. The soundstage, bass, and air were all now present in all I listened too. It’s almost a surprise that what seemed like “overnight” the highs came into their own. I now have 192 hours on my OPPO and am curious to see what will show itself at the 200hr. mark.

HEADPHONE AMP: I tried using the Headphone output using Grado rs60i’s and Sennheiser HD600’s. The presentation had a dark yet detailed sound.  No hiss or hum coming through the amp. But like some people prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, this presentation will be open to ones tastes, I will look for more changes in the headphone section as the OPPO plays longer. I have not, however, noticed a change in the Headphone Amp section as much as I have in the player itself.

More updates to come!

Paul Helvin
Audio/Video specialist