Premiere Audio Video: World’s Loudest Home Theater


When it comes to a premiere audio video system, few are as impressive as Jeremy Kipnis’ $6M home theater. Kipnis, CEO and Chief Designer at Kipnis Studio Standard, was determined to recreate an authentic cinema experience inside of his home. The biggest obstacle with accomplishing this feat is finding enough space for something so drastic, but Kipnis wasn’t about to let that stop him. In fact, his finished product includes a 4K video projector and a Guiness World Record recognized audio system.

Premiere audio video is the only way to appropriately describe Kipnis’ home theater that contains the world’s Loudest Personal Gaming System. The audio system reaches 132 dB which is just slightly less loud than a Boeing 747. While actually maxing out the audio levels on his audio system would surely result in shattered eardrums, having the capability to do so must be a great feeling for any audiophile. When you combine his state of the art audio system with his amazing 4K projector, you have a recipe for a premiere audio video experience.

While you may not be looking to set any Guiness World Records with your own home theater, you are surely looking for a premiere audio video system. No matter what kind of home theater you have in mind for your home, our experienced team at Premiere Home Entertainment can help you turn your dream home theater into a reality. For more information on how to create a premiere audio video system at home, give us a call at (702) 877-0222.