Premiere Home Entertainment Explains The Internet of Things in Relation to the Services and Products Offered

Premiere Home Entertainment offers many services and products that fit into the Internet of Things. As a matter of fact, some of the newer products that Control4 systems are introducing are based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. This means that these products will have Internet capability within and outside the home.

By utilizing both wi-fi and World Wide Web technology, we can ring a doorbell that instantly prompts a camera feed and call the homeowner on their mobile phone. Smart technology has enabled flexible communications between gadgets. It is not just calling the house intercom anymore so that when you are not at home, you can still receive communications when someone rings your doorbell.

Other functionalities include the ability to lock your doors and creating wireless contacts that can be retrofitted to garage door sensors. Premiere Home Entertainment can install wireless contacts on garage doors so when you press a button, the system will know that your garage door opens. You can also have a 2-way feedback on a touchscreen panel that tells you when you left your garage door opened. If you are prone to doing that, after a period of the garage door being left opened, you will be notified by the systems and certain commands can be programmed into the system to automatically close the garage door when you are not at home. In that sense, you can make your house both responsive and smart.

Premiere Home Entertainment is about creating a technology-enabled lifestyle. It is not necessarily house automation or automated smart house. When we sit down with a customer, we want to help create a lifestyle for that customer.