Premiere Home Entertainment is Las Vegas’ Leading Retailer in Full Audio Distribution Systems

Rich, the project manager at Premiere Home Entertainment, is responsible from start to finish on most projects. For the most part, he handles the technical aspect and design phase of theaters including lighting systems and full control systems. The thing that he enjoys doing the most is creating the full theater experience for customers and the opportunity to experience whether a small audiovisual system or the full seating theater.

One of the many services that Premiere Home Entertainment provide is full audio distribution systems throughout the entire house. Customers are able to use a touchscreen device and he is able to show them, with one touch of a button, he can turn on the entire home entertainment system.

Home entertainment systems and audiovisual components have gone from an analog phase to a digital phase. Wi-fi based systems like Sonos and AirPlay systems are becoming more popular. These wireless audio systems can be operated with most mobile devices. For example, customers can reach for their iPhones, select a button to turn on their audio system. They can also fill up their playlist and it will instantly start playing on their audio systems. Premiere Home Entertainment offers many premium audio distribution systems such as Control4 and Crestron.

Control4’s wireless music bridges are very similar to an AirPlay system. The best feature is that they can be proprietary to a particular user so there can be a source from each family member within a household. So they all have their independent sources streaming into their audio distribution system. They can choose to be in their room, the entertainment room, and everywhere else in the house.