Premiere Home Theater Advice: Avoid This Common Mistake


Making the decision to create a home theater for you and your family to enjoy is just the first step to creating a complete, premiere home theater experience. Sure, you’ve done your research and decided what components you want, but that’s just the first part. Your speakers arrive and if you’re like most people, you start setting up your surround sound system working from front to back.

This process results in one of the most perplexing home theater statistics that we’ve ever come across. For some reason, roughly 85% of home theater buyers who utilize a 5.1 surround sound setup, never connect the rear speaker because they don’t know how to discreetly hide the wiring. It’s crazy to think that many people never connect a speaker that they’ve already paid for and is essential to creating the immersive, surround sound experience they are most likely after.

Luckily for you, your home theater will be a premiere home theater and you’re smart enough to know, that back speaker is extremely important. How else will you hear that creaky floorboard in your favorite horror movie or really feel the explosions from the latest summer blockbusters? Here are a few helpful tips on how to discreetly set up your rear speaker in your premiere home theater.

1) Use a Rug: This is probably the most common way people set up their rear speakers. Simply buy a rug to place between your TV and the seating area and run the wires under the rug and back to your rear speaker.

2) Run it up a Wall: Depending on the room your premiere home theater is in, you may be able to run the wiring along the wall to keep them off the floor.

3) Wireless: The easiest way to eliminate the clutter from your rear speaker is obviously to go wireless. This brings its own set of pros and cons along with it, for more information, check out this blog about how to set-up your Bluetooth Speakers.

4) Professional Install: The easiest, most reliable way to get the most out of your home theater experience is to get a professional installation from a trusted company such as Premiere Home Entertainment. Our experienced team will help you find the best solution for your room and your specific situation. For more information, give us a call at (702) 877-0222.