Premiere Home Theater Tips: Placing The Subwoofer


When most people decide that they’re finally going to give in to their desires and turn that spare room into the premiere home theater they’ve always dreamed of, the first thing they look for is a TV. While the screen you watch on is arguably the most important feature of any premiere home theater, the audio is right there behind it, or all around it as the case may be. A key part of any quality sound system is the subwoofer, and while most people know they need one, they often don’t know where to place it. Here are a few tips to help you place your subwoofer for the optimal premiere home theater experience.

Cords: You want to make sure that the location you’re settling your subwoofer into will be a location where you can easily hide the cords coming from it. A premiere home theater has neatly tucked away cords both for aesthetics, but also for safety, as exposed cordage can quickly become a tripping hazard.

Corners/Walls: A corner location for the subwoofer in your premiere home theater can help increase its output, however, this may not always be a viable option. Additionally, a subwoofer up against a wall can cause a harsh, rumbling sound that can be unpleasant to the experience.

The Sweet Spot: The best and most confusing thing about a subwoofer is that you can place it almost anywhere in your premiere home theater, as long as you have the floor space. The best way to find the optimal location is through simple trial and error. Set the subwoofer down somewhere in the room and sit down where you imagine you will be enjoying your home theater the most. Make sure to play a movie or music with a lot of bass and then move the subwoofer around to the spot that sounds the best to you.

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