Premiere Home Video at CES 2016


Every year, thousands of tech nerds descend upon Las Vegas to kick off the new year by taking a sneak peek at the best new innovations companies have in store for the year. This grand pilgrimage of geeks to Sin City is known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Unsurprisingly, this year’s showcase gave consumers a look at some of the hottest new products coming to home theaters this year. One of the highlights from this year’s show was a new television with an 8K display.

South Korean electronics company, LG Electronics debuted their new television set, the UH9800, a 98-inch television with a “super ultra-high-definition” 8K display. While not the largest television set to debut at the showcase, LG’s ultra-high-definition display is one of the largest 8K resolution displays we’ve ever seen. On top of the over-the-top premiere home video display, LG’s latest television set even includes moving speakers to create what the company calls a more “impactful” experience.

This revelation of a large, 8K resolution display doesn’t necessarily reflect a likely move to widespread 8K televisions, it does represent a peek into what could be on the way in a few years. While this TV set is currently far too expensive to mass produce and we won’t likely see 8K content for a long time, this premiere home video set represents everything that makes CES great. This TV is unnecessary and excessive, but that’s what we all love about CES.

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