Premiere Home Video: The Pros and Cons of Projectors


The great debate amongst home theater aficionados often stems from the decision to utilize a projector or large screen television set as the centerpiece of their premiere home video system. Both methods get the job done and have their supporters, but the question is, which one best offers a premiere home video experience?

While TVs play on people’s familiarity with the technology, projectors go in the opposite direction and offer a more exotic, exclusive premiere home video experience. Beyond that, projectors offer a higher level of video quality and size that a TV simply cannot even begin to imagine. In fact, a projector is far more cost efficient per inch than even the cheapest of TVs. Additionally, the setup isn’t nearly as complex as it may seem at first, all you really needs is a projector and a screen. If anything, depending on how your room is set up, a projector saves you some space because it can hang from the ceiling.

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of using a projector is the way it benefits your health. People often assume that a projector is bad for your eyes due to the large size of the images on the screen. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, however, as the larger, more dimly lit screen is actually for less stressful on your eyes. By filling a larger percentage of your visual field, images from a projector screen are more relaxing for your eyes than a TV.

Unfortunately, like all good things, projectors also come with their own set of faults, with the most glaring problem relating to lighting. Obviously, you’ll need a dark room without any ambient light or else your images will simply wash out. Without total control of the lighting in your home theater, a projector means you’d be forced to watch only at night.

Owning a projector can also lead to some strange lifestyle changes that you are forced into to accommodate for this new luxury. You minimize walking in front of the screen and may be forced to take circuitous routes around your room. For gamers, motion-controlled devices, such as the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox’s Kinect are impossible to use with a projector, as you’ll simply block the screen from view.

If you think a projector is right for you, take a look at our series on Choosing a Projector to ensure you maintain a premiere home video experience. Stay on the lookout later this week when we break down the pros and cons of a large, television set so you can make the best choice for your premiere home video setup. For more information, you can reach our Premiere Home Entertainment team at (702) 877-0222.