Premiere Home Video: The Pros and Cons of Television Sets


When it comes to a premiere home video experience, most folk’s minds immediately wander towards thoughts of massive, illuminated television screens. Since we’ve already discussed the Pros and Cons of projectors, we thought it would only be fair to do the same thing for their more popular counterpart.

For most people, a large television is the immediate “go-to” item when assembling a home entertainment system. The biggest draw for a TV is that they are often more familiar to most people, and therefore, are the first thing people think of. Most everyone has used a TV before and some may not even be fully aware that there are other options.

TV sets are often considered to be simpler to set up than a projector and screen, due to the single component nature of a TV. Where a projector may need to be mounted from the ceiling and requires a corresponding screen to be placed on a wall, a TV needs only a place to plug in and a place to rest. TV sets offer bright screens, far brighter than any projector can deliver and they are as simple as plugging it into your wall. Some also argue that in contrast to a projector, a TV has its own built-in audio system. However, we don’t recommend relying on a TV’s speakers for a true, Premiere Home Theater experience.

So TVs are simple and effective right? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. When it comes to a premiere home video experience, there really is no comparison to the way projectors produce video quality. While TVs produce brighter images, projectors produce images with far more detail and the added benefit of size adjustments. If better video quality isn’t enough for you, TVs are far more expensive than projectors when the two are compared by size.

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