Putting the Frosting on the Audiophile/Videophile Cake

11/05/2014 Paul Helvin

record-cake (1)One of the fun parts of our hobby is seeing the change in one’s system as a new accessory is added.

Some of these things are built into the foundation of the system as it is being assembled (such as an audiophile equipment rack). And others I consider “tweaks” that take a system to that next level after all the chosen source components are added.

A person may love the chosen CD player they bought, but as our hobby goes, they want to make the sound or performance even better!

I always say to people that an interconnect or new set of speaker cable can totally transform the sound of a speaker for better or worse. That adding isolation cones or an upgraded power cord can really open up the sound on a CD player, preamp, amp etc..

Once you are happy with your setup, you can then add these “tweaks” to fine tune the sound or even bring it to another level without reinvesting in a higher end component.

Recently I brought in a couple pricier Interconnect options to our store by Kimber Kable called “Silver Streak” and “HD29”.

silverstreak (1)Silver Streak is an RCA cable for your CD player, Preamp to amp etc… It is made of pure silver! The price of a 1m pair is $429.00.

Silver (when cast properly) has a smooth and airy sound and not bright like some people in our hobby assume. It can remove grain in the sound and add a sweetness to the music that copper can’t match.

hd29 (1)The HD29 is Kimber’s top HDMI cable. It has a copper and silver conductor, adds point to point soldering (not crimped), Ferrite caps on each end to remove EMI and RF, with gold plated connectors. A 1m length runs $ 197.00.

Now some people may say that spending this much on “frosting” for your system is too much. My personal feeling is that once you get to a very high level of quality in your system, where you can tangibly hear an audible or visual improvement of even 1% in that system, then you have added to your overall experience and enjoyment of bringing the “Absolute Sound” or “Visual Realism” even closer to a reality in your own personal environment.

comic-amp (1)

And for me in my hobby, you can’t put a price tag on that.

Till next time!

Paul Helvin
Audio/Video specialist
Premiere Home Entertainment