Small Wonders: Portable Wireless Speakers as Home Theater Solutions


Portable speakers are definitely the new boomboxes. Once a common item in every household, the boombox had fallen out of favor with the advent of digital technology. However, there seems to be a consistent effort among audio companies to revive the concept of the boombox. This decision is driven partly due to the demand for a more portable and affordable alternative to the complete home entertainment system.

Another key factor that people look for in audio devices is wireless connectivity. Sonos, Jawbone, Bose and Samsung are some of the leading manufacturers of portable wireless audio devices. With wireless connectivity and compact sizes, these portable speakers can be easily set up anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

The growing popularity of wireless portable music streamers is seen as paralleled to the ubiquity of modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These days, many people have smartphones and other mobile devices that are equipped with wireless features such as wifi andBluetooth. For example, the Airplay feature on Apple mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads allows users to broadcast digital media to devices such as portable speakers through wifi connectivity. Portable speakers enable users to connect their devices wirelessly and transformed into miniature loudspeakers.

It is undeniable that these portable speakers offer many advantages to the regular users such as convenience and impressive performances. As a consumer-grade product, a wireless portable speaker can fulfill the needs of most users. However, this might not be the case for the discerning home theater enthusiasts. Equating a portable speaker to a home theater system is proving to be stretching the limit for some audio professionals. A carefully designed home entertainment system offers an immersive theater experience that cannot be substituted.

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