The Deception of Marketing

08/13/2014 Paul Helvin

burgergood (2)
Have you ever seen a beautiful looking food item displayed on your TV screen at night? It seems that it is calling you from the couch to run out and buy it, attacking every lack of common sense that you should not eat after 10 pm!


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Yet when you come across it later in the week – say for lunch – you think to yourself “this looks nothing like the commercial!” as the squashed burger flops out of the wrapper.

This isn’t just in the food industry, but in every day businesses we interact with. The offerings of things above and beyond in customer service, products etc..

I came across this post on Facebook from an ex-employee about a major electronics store known nationally, and had to share it:

upsetgirl (1)
Best Buys “Blue Shirt Approved” commercials drive me nuts.

When I got hired (at Best Buy) there was no training. No prep time, no information given to me about any of the products or how the store works.

They said “Follow this person around” and I kept getting passed off to about 6 different people because nobody wanted to help the new girl. I had to learn everything on my own.

So “Blue Shirt Approved” doesn’t mean crap. Since their employees are not set up for success, or training, or anything!

Rant over,

This is a perfect example of why Premiere’s slogan is “Saving the World from Bad Audio/Video“, and why all of our technicans and sales staff receive ongoing training.

Paul Helvin
Audio/Video Specialist