The Health of the Audio/Video Community is Improving!

09/05/2014 Paul Helvin

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It has been a wonderful experience seeing the amount of audio/video enthusiasts coming into our store the past few months.

There has been a renewed excitement in home theater and 2 channel music alike.

All ages of demographics are finding enjoyment in improving upon their watching and listening experience.

There is a wonderful education going on. Not just in our store, but online as well. From Computer audio, Headphones, to Turntables, people are discovering (or rediscovering) their music collections at a level not attainable before at such affordable price points.

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I always appreciate when one of our customers comes in sharing something they have learned, and passing it onto me to help others.

This hobby is a team effort, and by sharing our visual musical experiences with each other we not only keep the hobby alive, we keep it growing for the better!

See you in the store!

Warm regards,
Paul Helvin, Audio/Video Specialist