The Starter’s Guide to Home Theater System [Part 3]


Cables and Interconnects

Having the right cables and interconnects is essential in making sure that your home theater system is up and running smoothly. After ordering your home theater components, make sure that you pick up some spare and perhaps longer interconnects and cables for all your devices. In case you ever need to move your home theater system to a different spot, these spare cables will come in handy.

There are many different types of interconnects, e.g. HDMI, component video, composite video and Ethernet. Picking the right ones for your devices are crucial.

Power Strip

Home theater system comprises many different components and each component requires power. A wall outlet will quickly become crowded with power plugs. Therefore, getting a power bar or power strip is a good idea to keep everything organized. A power strip also provides additional power outlets for all your devices.


With so many devices packed within a limited space, the network of cables can get confusing. Connecting a new device or reconnecting an existing cable is a lot more challenging when cables are unlabelled. So, get a good label maker to label everything.

A properly designed and installed home theater system can offer you more than just entertainment. It can create a one-of-a-kind shared experience by bringing people together to participate in an enjoyable activity, i.e. watching a football game. All in all, having a home theater system can enhance your lifestyle and allow you to create memorable experiences with friends and family.

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