Thorens TD 145 Turntable “A gift that keeps on giving”

10/07/2014 Paul Helvin

pauls-turntable (1)A few blog articles ago, I spoke about the sound of vinyl and how it affected me as a youth. A short time after that article was written, through the generosity of a customer, I came into possession of a 1970’s Thorens TD 145 Turntable!

My first course of action was to update the small gray unshielded “lamp cord” style RCA’s, to a pair of shielded Kimber Kable TAK Cu ($350.00).

old-thorens-cord (1) 1-kimber-tak-cu (1)

cardas-headshell (1)grado (1)The second modification was to remove the small gray power cord to a more modern higher gauge cable. I then added a new cartridge. I chose the Grado Gold 1 ($240.00) – “My what a lovely mid-range you have my dear!” The head shell leads were compliments of Cardas Audio with their rhodium-plated connectors (90.00). For stability and resonance control, I added a set of BDR audio carbon fiber cones and pucks ($150.00). And last but not least, I removed the old rubber platter mat and replaced it with a Wool Rega RP3 piece. Then my wonderful friend Bobby at Audio Xperts installed the upgrades, and tuned up the Thorens, along with a new belt and lube.

black-diamond-pyramid-cone (1)

The results are quite astounding. I can sit and listen for hours with no listener’s fatigue! I now find myself in the constant pursuit of new and old vinyl, rediscovering audio that invites you to interact with it.

I run an anti-static carbon fiber brush along the grooves each time a record goes on the platter, cleaning the stylus after a few plays so the needle can translate all that analog goodness, etc.

If you are thinking about tuning up your old record player, come see us! We carry the above modifications and more to suit your turntable’s needs. We also have a variety of new turntables by Rega and Music Hall that fit any budget.

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Warm regards,
Paul Helvin, Audio/Video Specialist