Tips on Helping You Pick the Right TV for Your Home Entertainment Center – Part 1


Large screen televisions have become a common fixture in a typical modern household. Historically, TVs have always been a luxury item that not many could afford. Due to the post-war industrial boom in the 50s, the costs of TVs were significantly reduced due to the ability to mass produce. Since then, advancement in technology in image projection has transformed the designs of TVs. Some characteristics of modern TVs are a large screen, flat panel, easy to install and multifunctional with Internet-connectivity.

Choosing the perfect TV for your home entertainment, media room or home theater can be a daunting task. There are also many different technologies of TVs that you can choose from such asplasma display, liquid-crystal display, or LCD, organic and regular light emitting diode display, or OLED and LED. Regardless of the technology that you choose, there are many other important factors that can help you select the ideal TV for your home entertainment needs.

The first thing to consider is the size of the room that you will be placing the large screen TV or monitor. Use the room size to dictate the size of the large screen TV. The rule of thumb is that the ideal viewing distance from the screen should be about twice the screen size.

Another quick and easy tip for determining the ideal screen size is to measure the distance between the seating area of the room and the TV position. Then, divide the distance, in inches, by 2.5. The resulting number should be the ideal screen size most suitable for that specific room.

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