Top Trends for Home Entertainment Systems in 2016


As 2016 goes on, certain trends are clearly making waves in the home entertainment system industry. Having options is always great and for those looking to install a new entertainment system in their home, they have more options than ever. Home theaters in 2016 look far different than they did earlier in the decade and it looks like a few of these trends are here to stay.

Top Home Theater Trends in 2016

4K Displays: 2016 looks to be the year that 4k displays really takes off. A 4K display features four times the resolution of a traditional HD display, and there is now more 4K content available than ever before. With 4K projectors rolling out now as well, it looks like this high-resolution technology will soon be a mainstay for home entertainment systems everywhere.

Ease of Use: One reason people sometimes argue against the installation of a new home entertainment system is that they can be too complicated to use. With so many separate devices working together, confusion sets in surprisingly quickly. The easiest way to simplify this process is to use a reliable universal remote to control your home entertainment system from a single source.

Streaming: These days, no home entertainment system is complete without a proper streaming device. The days of vast movie collections are going out of style quickly in favor of a digital collection in the cloud.

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