Turn on the Bass: Paradigm’s New Reference Series Subwoofers


Home theater enthusiasts are rejoicing with Paradigm’s introduction of a whole new series of luxury speaker systems. The Reference Collection is Paradigm’s high-fidelity line of loudspeakers, center channels, surround channels and the most recent addition of two new subwoofers. With the addition of the powerful subwoofers, the Prestige is now a complete series that will satiate the thirst for ultra high-fidelity surround sound systems by the most discerning audiophiles.

The recent addition of the two new subwoofers to the Prestige line is a welcoming news among home theater enthusiasts who crave for audio perfection. The Prestige 1000SW and 2000SW are first-class subwoofers that promise deeper bass reproduction with less distortion. Both subwoofers are beautifully designed and feature some of Paradigm’s proprietary audio technology. The 2000SW features a 15-inch single high excursion driver in a sealed enclosure with an Ultra-Class D power amplifier that boosts deep bass. It also comes with Paradigm’s signature Perfect Bass Kit that measures the subs response in a user’s room and corrects for issues such as standing waves, null areas and frequency drop-outs at the listening position. Its slightly smaller sibling, the 1000SW, boasts the same specifications with a 12-inch single high excursion driver.

Both of these efficient and extremely light-weight subwoofers are the perfect components to complete your existing home theater systems. They produce clearer and more powerful bass that will elevate your home theater experience to a new level.

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