Vinyl, The Sound That Never Dies

05/20/2014 Paul Helvin

I have fond memories of my first turntable as a youth.

Listening to Blondie’s Heart of glass, the BGs Nights on Broadway, and Paperback writer by the Beatles as I shadow boxed my way into manhood (yes it was the 70’s).

Funny, but back then I took pleasure in taking out that black disk, dusting it off, setting the speed of the motor, and watching the arm drop that little needle slowly down till the sweet sound of analog music came out.

Why did it ever go away, and why in recent years has it made such a resurgence?

The advent of the tape deck and CD player obviously had a lot to do with it. It was the early signs that the majority would settle for less audio quality for the use of convenience.
BlondieBut why then with the overabundance of mobile devices such as iPods, cell phones, and other MP3 players, when convenience and mobility are at an all-time high, has Vinyl made such a comeback?

I believe just as in clothing or dance moves, there are trends and cycles to something that is once again “cool”. Just look at the DJ scene and the amount of them going back to using Vinyl.

Listening to a record invites the dying art of sitting down for a listening session. The only multitasking you are doing is looking at the cover art or linear notes of the album cover.

In my experience even a $450.00 record player can mop the floor with a 1-5k+ CD player. Why, because we hear in analogue and not digital. There is no processing going on to butcher the sound before it reaches out to the air before us.

It may take a little more work and maintenance to keep that record collection in tip top shape, but that’s how I was raised… A little hard work, can yield ever higher rewards.

Till next time!

Paul Helvin
Audio/Video Specialist