What if You Really Found the Perfect System?

05/20/2014 Paul Helvin

This is an interesting question to ask.

As I am a hobbyist in the Audio/Video world myself, part of the fun and attraction of being in this hobby is the continual search for something better. Something that sounds or looks “real life”.

As technology advances, it seems each year we are seeing new DACs, TV technologies, audio & video mediums, that promise to get us closer to “the real thing”.

The magazine articles, shows, seminars, and visits to your local high end audio store that fill the free time of an Audio/Videophile’s life, are what keep the fires of the Hobbyist passion stoked until that next piece of equipment enters their ever evolving system.

perfect (1)
I don’t believe that the “Holy Grail” of audio/video will ever be found. The reason being that one’s ears, eyes (and Brains), are unique to oneself and therefore are subjective.

This can even include a pair of headphones or the way a CD was recorded. I am glad for this, it’s what keeps the variety in our hobby and makes me happy until the next product promises “perfect sound forever”.

Heaven forbid, what if they do ever find the perfect Audio/Video, and I am left with a hobby I can no longer talk about, teach about, share with, and strive for?

Well I guess there’s always fishing.

Till next time my fellow hobbyist!

Paul Helvin
Audio/Video Specialist