What makes a good audio system and at what cost?

01/22/2015 Paul Helvin

Let’s get one thing straight about audio and video..”ITS ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE!”

Perspective in this case, will focus on price.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Premiere, is that we are “more expensive” than the chain stores because we are an A/V specialty shop.

Yes, we do have $6,000.00 Vienna Acoustic Beethoven’s on display, and have sold a few of them. But we have sold more of our $800.00 Tannoy speakers.

Part of that is obviously because of the price factor, but why have we sold almost triple the amount of Tannoys? Because our customers fall in love with them after hearing them as well!

The point is, you CAN have audiophile taste on a modest budget. Our job at Premiere, is to find that “budget” product that performs way past its price point and adds a perspective as to what an affordable Audiophile product can do.


I really enjoy showing off a set of speakers, a CD player, Amp etc…that when the demo is over the customer exclaims “that’s all it costs?”

Yes a $399.00 receiver and $299.00 subwoofer can have a name brand attached to it, and perform well beyond its price point.

And just look at 4k TV technology! You can now get an LG 55″ 4k LED TV for $1,600 bucks! That was unheard of just 2 years ago.

Premier’s research and dedication to bringing you “the best in class” regardless of cost when you shop with us, is what makes us stand out in a sea of chain stores.

Now this applies to the high end as well, you know, the stuff we read in magazines and lust for. If you want a handmade product using exotic materials, something that not many people have, and you’re willing to pay for that exclusivity. Then by all means enjoy that product until the next upgrade bug bites you, and you move on the next best thing coming out (and it inevitably always does!).

There’s always room for the next Audiophile/Videophile in the world. Even if you start out with a pair of headphones and a computer.

There’s room as well for the seasoned hobbyist that has their system shown in an issue of Stereophile magazine.


Keeping the Hobby alive is what matters. Not the product or the price. Just enjoy the music or the movie, and share your knowledge with others to keep our Hobby growing!

until next time,

Paul Helvin

A/V Specialist

Premiere Home Entertainment