Projection Screens Have Come Into the Light

You know, I always liked the idea of flat wall screens and projectors but I never found a screen that I could live with.  Because I always had to accommodate the screen’s need of an excessively dark environment.  Well, that has all changed.

I want to introduce to you Screen Innovations and their revolutionary Black Diamond projector screens.  Watch this video and see how their projector screens will make you rethink it all.


Think about how good your next presentation could look on a SI Black Diamond Projection Screen?  How nice would it be to not have to turn down the lights and induce your clients or employees into a nap?

The guys at Screen Innovations have developed the technology that has truly brought screen projectors out of the dark and into the light.

Pay a visit to Premiere Home Entertainment’s showroom and see for yourself just how impressive this new screen technology really is.