Why Premiere Home Entertainment For Your Home?

We specialize in the design & installation of home theater, two-channel audio, home automation, and home integration systems. All of our projects are designed, built, installed and serviced by highly knowledgeable experts and backed by the best industry guarantee.

Why Premiere Home Entertainment For Your Business?

We offer commercial AV and automation systems designed specifically for your business' needs.  All of our projects are designed, built, installed and serviced by highly knowledgeable experts and backed by the best industry guarantee.

Why Premiere Home Entertainment For Your Custom Theater Room?

Our experienced team of professional home theater installers will meet with you in your home to discuss your vision of what you want your home theater to be and find the best solution for you.

Access Control Systems

Geographical access control may be enforced by personnel (border agent, boundary personnel, ticket checker) or with a device such as a turnstile. The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to unauthorized persons. An access control system determines WHO is allowed to enter or exit, WHERE they are allowed to enter or exit and WHEN they are allowed to enter or exit.

Electronic access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical lock and keys. The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a predetermined amount of time and the transaction is recorded. When access is refused, the doors remain locked and the attempted access is recorded. The system will also monitor the door and sound an alarm if the door is forced open or held open too long after being unlocked.

There are three types of Authenticating Information used for an access control system:

  • Something familiar to the user; password, passphrase or PIN
  • Something the user has; smartcard or keycard
  • Something the user is; such as a fingerprint verified by biometric measurement.

The benefits of utilizing an access control system for your business, building or home include:

  • Authorization – specifies what a subject can do.
  • Identification and Identification – enforces that only legitimate subjects may access a system.
  • Access approval – grants access during operations to associates or users with the allowable resources based on the authorization policy.
  • Accountability – identifies what a subject did.

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