Why Premiere Home Entertainment For Your Home?

We specialize in the design & installation of home theater, two-channel audio, home automation, and home integration systems. All of our projects are designed, built, installed and serviced by highly knowledgeable experts and backed by the best industry guarantee.

Why Premiere Home Entertainment For Your Business?

We offer commercial AV and automation systems designed specifically for your business' needs.  All of our projects are designed, built, installed and serviced by highly knowledgeable experts and backed by the best industry guarantee.

Why Premiere Home Entertainment For Your Custom Theater Room?

Our experienced team of professional home theater installers will meet with you in your home to discuss your vision of what you want your home theater to be and find the best solution for you.

Security Systems

To sleep soundly, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most-your home and your family are safe and secure. According to statistics, homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into as those that do. The facts are in-security systems are effective in preventing loss of life and protecting property. Like millions of others, you’ve realized that your peace of mind is what matters the most, and are considering purchasing a home security system. Smart move!

Your home and your loved ones are, after all, your most precious assets, and a home security system is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Trouble is, the decision can be overwhelming-especially if you have a lot of basic questions! What do I need? How do these systems work? What is that central monitoring station anyway? Will my Cocker Spaniel set off my alarm?

Relax. Premiere Home Entertainment can help. We’ll help you find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns voiced by homeowners like you.

Premiere Home Entertainment is proud that our clients continue to place their trust in us, and we know that you will feel at home with our products, too. After all, your security comes from knowing you’ve made the very best choice for their protection.

Premiere Home Entertainment makes it easy for you to enhance the safety and security of your home in a number of ways, including:

  • home-securityReceive email or text alerts based on security-related actions, e.g. garage door left open, the security system is triggered, a window is opened, etc.
  • Assign temporary security codes for the times/days when service workers are at your house
  • Use IP cameras to keep an eye on your home. Have peace of mind by checking on pets, the babysitter, guests at the front door, and property—from anywhere.
  • Lock the whole house with one touch
  • Access your security features from your mobile phone
  • Employ elder-care specific features including interactive communication via email and instant message to keep an eye on loved ones

Trouble signals from your alarm system can be sent and viewed on your designated device so you always know that your home is secure. If a notification is received, you then have the ability to remotely playback the camera view to see the cause of alarm signal. When an alarm occurs, interior and exterior lights can be programmed to flash, audio can be activated throughout the home and central monitoring station will be notified.

Individual user codes can be assigned for restricted access on certain days or certain times. For example, you can allow access to your housekeeper, landscapers and pool maintenance that is limited to scheduled days and times. The security system records all entry and exits by user code.

Your camera’s digital video recorder can store several weeks’ worth of video to be replayed or copied to disc for law enforcement. Video can be viewed on mobile devices and laptops located anywhere in the world. Playback video and view full screen surveillance at your convenience.

Remote key fobs allow one touch arming and disarming of the security system. You can also activate and monitor the system remotely with a web-enabled device.

Premiere Home Entertainment will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Call us for your free in-home consultation today!